Sense Sal

Sense Sal
Sense Sal
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    Crida amb mi . 2016

    Algún lloc al món . 2015

    El mur encara és alt . 2014

    Sense sal . 2014

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Sense Sal

Sense Sal is a pop-folk band formed by eight friends from Terrasa. The band was created one of those sad and boring days of 2009’s winter by two brothers, Ignasi Cabanes (quitar, ukelele, acordeon and vocals) and Martí Cabanes (ukelele, guitar and main vocals). Almost from the beginning Albert Bach joined them as the drummer, Cristina Martínez as a keyboard player, Salvador Cañadell as a bass player, Pep Tormos as a trumpetist, Ana Moya as a violinist and Alícia Rey as a guitarist and singer.

Sense Sal has been selected in many contests and has performed in many concert halls- Jazz Cava de Terrassa, Terrassa’s Auditory, Jazz Cava de Vic among them, adding festivals like L’Embassa’t 2011 in Sabadell or L’Acústica de Figueres. After recording their first CD, “Tardes de sol i préssecs”, performed in Cataluña with more than 50 concerts, Sense Sal has shared stage with bands such as Manel, La iaia, French Films, Nyandú, Gerard Quintana and Jordi Batiste, among others.

In 2016 they released their latest CD, “Crida amb mi”, with which they will make themselves listened to. Proof of that is their participation in the main festivals of Catalunya and in the commercial of a well-known beer brand.

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