Pepet i Marieta

Pepet i Marieta
Pepet i Marieta
  • Discografia:

    La sal de la vida . La Produktiva . 2015

    Lo món d'un mos . Mesdemil . 2013

    Qui no plora no mama! . La Produktiva . 2010

    La Pelu . Edicions Singulars . 2008

    Xalera . Discmedi . 2006

    Sempre hi ha un pedaç pa un discosit . Edicions Sigulars . 2004

    4 xispis i una canyeta . Maqueta . 2002

    La Revolució dels Somnis . 2017

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Pepet i Marieta

Pepet i Marieta is a band formed by musicians from the Sénia river area. Since their song “La via” and, before that one, “La mani”, written by the montsianenc and frontman of the band, Josep Bordes, the band started becoming famous in Els Països Catalans. In summer 2014, the band realeased their hit “Corre l’estiu”, the summer song of TV3 and Catalunya Radio.

After three years of discographic silence, Pepet i Marieta reinvent themselves to confirm themselves as one of the more authentic, original and versatile festive bands of Els Països Catalans.

Pepet i Marieta come back filled with party mood – great reggae-ska, mixed with cúmbia, jota, folk and ranchera and pop. Everything well miwed with a close and critical speech which doesn’t understand utopies and calls for a social revolution. The outcome is a fresh musical cocktail, direct and combative to dance things by their name and openly smile. The results of all this is their new CD La Revolució dels Somnis, and following this lines you have the videoclip of their new single, Somriu.

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